Simeonovo Restaurant

The culinary refuge at the foot of Vitosha Mountain!

Living a delicious life in Simeonovo district

Every plan for outdoor food and entertainment includes the MyChoice restaurant in Simeonovo. This culinary refuge at the foot of Vitosha welcomes you with a unique garden, decorative pool, exquisite barbecue, a unique feeling of purity and freshness. Although part of the capital Sofia itself, the atmosphere of this place takes you far from the city rhythm and is a great partner for any occasion - you can even get married here! Restaurant MyChoice Simeonovo has three halls: My Choice - outdoor hall with windows - up to 72 guests, Galaxy - the inner hall for 130 guests, Helios - VIP hall for 30 guests Garden for 60 guests. The two adjacent Galaxy conference rooms can serve both corporate events and gala dinners and cocktails.

Celebrate the New Year’s Eve with us!

Welcome an unforgettable New Year’s Eve in MyChoice Simeonovo.

Modern and cozy, with food of the highest class, the restaurant will offer you a real culinary feast immersed in great music with rock band AFFECT.

A fun animator and a special menu are provided for the little ones.

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Lunch menu

Order delicious food from our lunch menu for your home or office, for the day or the whole week. We offer a variety of delicious dishes prepared by our Master Chefs. Free delivery for the city of Sofia for orders over BGN 10. For orders under BGN 10, the delivery cost is BGN 5.00.
Orders are accepted until 16:00 on the day before delivery. The delivery time for the lunch menu is in the interval from 11:30 to 13:30!

“Tarator” - yogurt and cucumber cold soup 300 g 3.50 lv
Red lenti creaml soup 300 g 3.50 lv
Tabouli Salad with quinoa 250 g 3.50 lv
Kebabs with bean garnish with lyutenitsae 300 g 5.50 lv
Moussaka with yogurt 300 g 4.50 lv
Fettuccine with spinach and cheese 300 g 5.00 lv
“Tarator” - yogurt and cucumber cold soup 300 g 3.50 lv
Beef and cauliflower soup 300 g 3.50 lv
Green salad with radishes and cucumbers 200 g 3.50 lv
Beans with sausage 300 g 5.70 lv
Chicken spade with mashed potatoes 300 g 5.50 lv
Breaded peppers with tomato sauce 300 g 4.60 lv
“Tarator” - yogurt and cucumber cold soup 300 g 3.50 lv
Tomato salad with einkorn and arugula 250 g 4.50 lv
Chicken kavarma 300 g 4.90 lv
Schnitzel with stewed potatoes 300 g 4.80 lv
Stew peas 300 g 3.50 lv
“Tarator” - yogurt and cucumber cold soup 300 g 3.50 lv
Bean soup 300 g 3.50 lv
Flemish vegetable salad 250 g 3.50 lv
Grilled bacon with baked potatoes300 g 6.90 lv
Pork with green beans 300 g 5.90 lv
Eggs 'Panagurski' style 300 g 4.90 lv
“Tarator” - yogurt and cucumber cold soup 300 g 3.50 lv
Meatball soup s 300 g 3.50 lv
Tomato salad with feta cheese and onions 250 g 4.50 lv
Debertsini with cabbage salad and potatoes 300 g 6.50 lv
Chicken leg with rice 300 g 5.00 lv
Stewed lentils 300 g 4.50 lv

Simeonovo Restaurant


Sofia, Simeonovo quarter, 14A Momina Salza Str. (Simeonovsko Shosse Blvd.) 1434


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0894 777 479

Working time

Monday to Friday: 11:00 - 23:00 Saturday and Sunday: 10:00 - 23:00

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