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With an artistic approach, fresh ideas, enthusiasm and professionalism, MyChoice will help you plan, organize and complete everything you need for your memorable event. Feel like a guest at your own party and leave the work to us.

MyChoice restaurants benefit from beautiful gardens, conference rooms, bowling alleys and the ability to organize events of various types and capacities. Share an amazing experience with your colleagues, friends and family.

Your choice for an unforgettable event


Make us part of your special day! We offer comfortable halls and gardens, a custom menu and a welcome drink for all guests. We can assist you with the choice of decoration, DJ, photographer, artists and everything you need for your unforgettable day!

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We will take care of your prom party, ensuring a great custom menu and pleasant atmosphere. We will welcome your relatives and friends and make this a lasting memory for everyone!

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Corporate events

Organize your corporate event with us. Our restaurants can host great team building activities and conference-style events with different profiles and capacities, training events, cocktail parties. We will help you plan and take care of every detail.

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Love, sun and music in a plate – MyChoice is celebrating the taste of Italy!

The thrill of constant exploring and developing various of flavours in MyChoice has always made us feeel excited as a school students  – we are ready with our special italian menu and it’s available for tasting from 15th of September!

From the crispy arancini, which could easily overjump every memory of your grannys cooking delights, through variety of pasta and fresh salads  – The Canzonetta country invades our restaurants in  Simeonovo, SkyCity и JoyStation  with love to detail and parmesan splendour!

Here’s a hint of the dishes to tickle your appetite in advance:

  • Prosciutto wrapped asparagus with Carbonara  – 150 g, 13.90 lv
  • Ravioli with porcini, truffle and cream – 300 g, 14.90 lv
  • Eggplant Parmigiana – 300 g, 9.90 lv

See the whole Italian menu here.

Purchases over 10 lv comes along with free delivery in Sofia. Purchases bellow that value are to be charged with 5 lv for home delivery.

Call your Italian menu directly to your table on 0894 777 379 and 0700 19 799.

Offer timing: 15.09. 15.10.

Living sweetly with MyChoice updated dessert menu!

100 is the minimum weight when it comes to a MyChoice dessert – this number gathers  a pure pleasure on tip of the tongue and the sweetest escape of your daily routine!

Stop counting the calories and start your culinary adventure by choosing:

  • Home made biscuit cake with white chocolate and cream cheese – 100 g, 6.90 lv
  • Pear pie with vanilla cream and raspberry sauce – 150 g, 6.90 lv
  • Red velvet cake – 130 g, 3.00 lv
  • French cake with fig fruits – 100 g, 3.50 lv
  • White Feuilletine with strawberries  – 100 g, 5.80 lv

See the whole dessert menu here.

We’re expecting you!

Spring is coming with the exotic tastes of Asia in MyChoice!


Get in the mood for spring with the exceptional scents and colours of Asia in our special menu!

Our restaurants in Joy Station, SkyCity Mall and Simeonovo district are expecting you with plated freshness, contrasting and vivid flavours.

See some of the dishes, prepared with love for you:

  • Salman tartar – 130 g,  10.90 lv
  • Noodles with beef and chicken – 370 g, 13.90 lv
  • Wakame salad with goji berry – 120 g, 5.90 lv
  • Yakitori chicken – 300 g, 12.90 lv

See the full menu here

Homedelivery: 0894 777 379, 0700 19 799

Living sweetly with the new desert menu of MyChoice!

100 is the minimal weight of desert, offered in MyChoice – the number gathers a tickle of the senses, a sweet finale of a tasty meeting….

And a well deserved escape from the matrix of our daily routine, where counting calories is taking over the simple pleasures of life!

Choose the top of your food adventure in MyChoice among:

  • Homemade biscuit cake with white chocolate and cream cheese – 100 g, 6.90 lv
  • Pear pie with vanilla cream and raspberry sauce – 150 g, 6.90 lv
  • Red velvet cake – 130 g, 3.00 lv
  •  French cake with fig fruits – 100 g, 3.50 lv
  •  White Feuilletine with strawberries – 100 g, 5.80 lv
  •  Chocolate soufle – 150 g, 8.90 lv
  • Vanilla cream brulee – 150 g, 5.90 lv
  •   Carrot Cake – 150 g, 5.50 lv
  • Stracciatella cake – 140 g, 5.90 lv
  • Pistachio cake with matcha – 120 g, 6.90 lv
  • Strawberry cheesecake – 110 g, 5.90 lv

We’re expecting you!


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